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We offer PC and Technology Services at greatly reduced rates.  Many times we will do a job for a flat fee if it involves repair/upgrade/installations.  Just get in touch with us via phone or email with a description of what you need and chances are we can provide you with the best deal.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed 100%

Below are a couple of videos that we think are self-explanatory.  Be careful of where you decide to have your technology devices, especially computers worked on.  Remember, with PC Doctor you don't pay for diagnosis or if we can't get you to where you expected to be.


*** Watch Out for Computer Repair Services ***


And another story on Fraudulent Repairs


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  Our prices start at 45.00 for a service call.  Many times our visits are well under 100.00 even though our name may sound like we'd charge the proverbial 'arm and leg' many of the competitors do. We are very economically priced and that is what we are basing our business on... true quality and price.  Plus, you don't pay if you aren't satisfied or if we can't fix ya ! I often will offer a flat rate and multiple unit discounts.

I have done technical support work for over 15 years; most recently for Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse, and most recently I was an iPhone support rep. for APPLE Computer, so I know first hand how to work with these Fiber-Optic Multiplatform services (phone, cable, internet) from front line experience. I also can help you with any sort of wiring/setup of media equipment as well as wireless networks, consult on purchases, etc.  I can provide you with references by request.

See info at the link below for more info about how I can do most work on your PC from my home via a Remote Session if you have high speed internet and it's an eligible issue...

Visit PC Doctor's Remote Control Listing

This will familarize you with how I can remotely work on your PC and allow us to conduct business

Free estimates ... check it out at the above link

 A+ Certified  PC Technician


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 Email via the contact page for more info. 

Ask and I'll forward you my resume or references

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