Timothy Craig Harrison 



The Great Charter
Durham Cathedral, June 2015

“Every page of this score has something interesting and inventive on it. That it is also approachable, engaging and perfectly suited to the commission makes one 
suspect that it may be a masterpiece.” 

(Thomas Hyde on The Great Charter in Musical Opinion, September 2015)

Timothy Craig Harrison has composed music for a wide variety of instruments and ensembles. His music ranges from solo songs and solo instrumental works to opera. His most recent work, The Great Charter, a community opera, was commissioned by Durham Cathedral. His music has been performed in the UK, USA and Germany, and has been broadcast on BBC radio and television.

Tim is Director of Music for the Cathedral and Diocese of Middlesbrough and juggles his life between his work as a composer, conductor and teacher, and his family 

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"The Risen Christ"

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The Risen Christ              Christe qui Lux es et Dies 


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Listen to the music of Timothy Craig Harrison

Four soundbites from The Great Charter

1.Processional Hymn

2. Taxes, Good for the Soul  Recitative and song; Barons, Mercenaries with Fitzwalter(Clare Tunney, Soprano) and King John (Deryck Webb) 

4. Nameless I  Children's Chorus with Clare Tunney, Soprano and Harriet Beckham, Mezzo Soprano

3. This can't go on   Children's Chorus with Clare Tunney, Soprano and Harriet Beckham, Mezzo Soprano

The Risen Christ pt. 1

The Risen Christ Pt. 2

The Risen Christ Pt. 3

Christe qui Lux es pt.1

Christe qui Lux es pt.2

Anthem: With Christ They Reign Forever  (South Tyneside Deanery Choir)

The face that launched a thousand ships - (Jonathan Richards - guitar)

Meditation on Now Thank We all our God played by Richard Martin on the organ of Ushaw College

Mine eyes for beauty pine (Sheffield Cathedral Girls Choir conducted by Simon Lole, Christopher Betts - organ)

Carillon de Matin - extract (Norman Harper- organ)

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