Non-Pro Pics

Down the aisle with my daddy... He always looks so good in a suit.



I think I was about to cry, so that would explain the weird face.


My MOH's boyfriend...he took the prize for best-dressed guest.


By grandpa and my great-grandma...


Me...trying to eat, but not being very successful. I think this is the only time I spent with DH. We are an odd couple... LOL.


Watching DH arrive...


CAUTION! White people dancing.


Saying our hand was shaking so hard that he had to steady it.


Me and my grandpa...


Me and my mom...I love the look on my face. The Junkie is not happy apparently.


The "Family": DH and his parents


Trying to dance to our song...


I danced with my grandpa to "Sweet Caroline" because he used to sing it to me as a child


PHOTO OP! My mom, me, my aunt, and her friend (who's known me since I was 5)