Ireland was fantastic once we got used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road. It is definitely an experience though...there's nothing like charging down a road that is half the size of the ones in the States only to look up and see a bus charging down the other side. Good times...

We stayed in County Meath, which is rich in Irish history. We visited several towns including Slane, Tara, Drogheda, Athboy, Kells, Navan, and Trim. We of course took in the sites as well: Newgrange (a 5,000 year old passage tomb), the Hill of Tara (the traditional area of the Celtic kings), Slane Castle, Trim Castle (where Braveheart was filmed), and Bective Abbey. We also spent time in Dublin where we visited the Old Jameson Distillery and the Guinness Storehouse. And of course, I had to go shopping because I love European shops! :)

Ireland is a very nice country. The people are great...they are usually eager to help and are generally always in a good mood. We spent a lot of time in our local pub, and met a host of interesting characters. We were even seranaded by several of the older gentlemen who frequented the place. They were well in their cups (of course), but who cares?  I will say that restaurant service is non-existent. Waiters and waitresses get paid more in Ireland, thus tips are optional. That's not exactly a motivator, so be prepared for a leisurely meal.

So here are our pics!

Our little love nest (ha, ha)...Clonleason Gate Lodge in County Meath

Our garden


Bective Abbey

Bective Abbey Windows

Us at Bective


St. Patrick's Church at the Hill of Tara


Cross at the Hill of Tara


Newgrange (5,000 year old passage tomb)


The Round Tower in Kells


Trim Castle Walls (and a later built school)


Another Wall at Trim Castle


The Village at Trim


The Cathedral at Trim


Interior of the Cathedral at Trim


Drewstown House


Cool crumbling castle


Guinness!! See the shamrock?


Us at the Guinness Gravity Bar


Learning to pull a proper pint...


Dublin Rooftops


The River Liffey, Dublin


The Bad Ass Cafe - Temple Bar, Dublin

The Church Nightclub and Restuarant, Dublin


River Liffey facing towards O'Connell Street, Dublin