Welcome to my page!

I successfully defended my PhD in Economics (Toulouse School of Economics) in December 2015. I am now a Research Fellow of the Centre for Legal Theory and Empirical Jurisprudence, KU Leuven (Belgium).

My research interests range from Institutional Economics, European Institutions to Digital Economy. One of the chapters of my PhD thesis has been published in the Journal of Comparative Economics (link).

Currently I have several projects on the EU institutions. One project (link) studies the decisions on state aid cases by the European Commission and the subsequent judgements, if appealed, by the European Court of Justice. We found a very interesting result that the Commission was more likely to reject cases originating from member states who had been resistant to European integration.

I am open to different research methodologies. My works exploit the applications of econometrics, textual analysis and machine learning.

You would know more about my background and experience by looking into my CV page. You will see the list of of publications and working papers, some are available online, in the Research page.

Or call me at +32 (0)4 98 78 17 94.