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Donations from Rotary DIK


tudents at COSAMAR in Same using the new chairs donated and shipped by Rotary and organised by Chris Moss (FoS Project Manager)

200 School Chairs have since been donated and sent to Sao Miguel Secondary School in Same via Rotary Donations in Kind.

The situation at  Escola Secundaria Colegio Sao Miguel Arcanjo, Same  (COSAMA)


After talking to one of the teachers (Filomena da Costa ) at Escola Secundaria Colegio Sao Miguel Arcanjo, Same (COSAMA), Friends of Same Convenor Esther Anderson discovered that at present, all chairs at the secondary school are borrowed from the primary school each day.  The primary school has classes  only in the morning and the secondary school has classes only in the afternoon.


The secondary school is about 15 minutes walk away from the primary school, so each day almost an hour is spent carrying chairs to and from the primary school at the beginning and end of each afternoon. In the wet season the path is muddy and slippery and the children and teachers may have to carry chairs in the rain.  Also there is a shortfall in the number of chairs they are able to borrow, as there are more secondary students than primary (with classes in the morning) which results in some chair-sharing.

Escola Secundaria Colegio Sao Miguel Arcanjo, Same


One of 200 Chairs donated via Rotary DIK 

Same Hospital

Two beds, 6 overbed tables and 8 bedside lockers and two cartons of towels have been donated to 

Same Hospital via Rotary DIK

Example of 2 Hospital Beds sent