5th Constitutional Government Formed

You have arrived at the (unofficial) Timor-Leste Elections 2012 website. The purpose of this website is to provide an online resource about the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections in Timor-Leste. We hope that interested persons and organisations will be able to access in one location publicly available information concerning a broad range of issues relating to the elections.
Features of this website include: an election calender with all the key dates, a calender of all of the presidential candidates activities, the training and media events organised in Timor-Leste, information regarding observer missions, a catalogue of recent events, and a page with campaign resources.
We will maintain this website on a regular basis throughout the entire election period (February to June). The people involved in this project are putting this together privately; independent of any other professional, party political, ideological or other interests. This is a non-partisan site and we seek to provide information about and from all individuals, political parties, and other organsiations, whether government or non-government. If you have any suggestions, information that you want added to the site, or believe that corrections should be made, please contact us at: timorlesteelections2012@gmail.com
OwnerDescriptionDue DateComplete
The Timorese People 1st Round of the Presidential Election March 17, 2012  
The Timorese People 2nd Round of the Presidential Election April 16, 2012  
The Timorese People Parliamentary Election July 7, 2012  
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