Timor Bodega

Timor Bodega is one of the few consistent year-round sources of local food for Washingtonians.  We offer a selection of dairy, produce, meat and preserved foods from farms and co-ops in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Our suppliers include marquee names in the local producer scene such as Polyface Farms, Toigo Orchards, and Tuscarora Organic Growers.  Equally notable among our suppliers are the otherwise anonymous individual farmers who prepare pick-to-order requests for us during the growing season.

Of course, no grocery store would feel complete without sundry items, beer or wine, and we have quite the mix of those too!  Please browse our lists below.  Also note that for our produce section, we do not display the local, seasonal items, but instead work off the list which is viewable on an ipad at the counter for our customers,  and packed per order.  



200 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20001
(202) 588-5612

Please note that the entrance is through the discrete door on 1818 2nd Street.  

Monday-Friday, 4:30 - 8:30pm
Saturday, 9am - 7pm
Sunday, 10am - 7pm