guitar instrumentals

These tunes are all home produced guitar instrumentals for download.
Some recordings are better quality than others, so, please take them as they are.

Follow the link to the mp3 page for easy download.

Also found at:

facebook music/video/comment page:

YouTube (art-school type of freaky home videos of many of my tunes)

My blog where I rave and rant about how I make my music:

This music is free because it's not professionally recorded and I also appreciate the many people who do the same. If however you have a 'protestant work ethic' and feel the need to give something back - then I'd suggest doing something helpful, kind or considerate to the people you live with or near. It's easy to take 'em for granted. It has a positive domino effect.

If you still want 'do something' then you could send some cash to these guys (or similar) who do excellent work: or encourage a few of your local places - particularly any you recognize as real and doing good work.

Thanks for visiting and do come back again sometime

God be with you.

Tim Oestmann

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