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Newbold, T., Hudson, L.N., Hill, S.L.L., Contu, S., Gray, C.L., Scharlemann, J.P.W., Börger, L., Phillips, H.R.P., Sheil, D., Lysenko, I. & Purvis, A. (in press). Global patterns of terrestrial assemblage turnover within and among land uses. Ecography. Freely available here.

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*Joint first authors

Hudson, L.N.*, Newbold, T.*, Contu, S., Hill, S.L.L., Lysenko, I., De Palma, A., Phillips, H.R.P., Senior, R.A., Bedford, F., Bennett, D., Booth, H., Choimes, S., Laginha Correia Pinto, D., Day, J., Echeverría-Londoño, S., Garon, M., Harrison, M.L.K., Ingram, D.I., Jung, M., Kemp, V., Kirkpatrick, L., Martin, C., Pan, Y., Robinson, A., White, H., [hundreds of data contributors], Collen, B., Ewers, R.M., Mace, G.M., Purves, D.W., Scharlemann, J.P.W. & Purvis, A. (2014). The PREDICTS database: global  database of how local terrestrial biodiversity responds to human impacts. Ecology & Evolution 44701–4735. Freely available here.
*Joint first authors

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of Biodiversity Trends, Policy Scenarios and Key Actions. Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal, Canada. Technical Series 78. Available here.


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Other Articles:

Hudson, L., Newbold, T., Purves, D.W., Scharlemann, J.P.W., Mace, G. & Purvis, A. (2013). Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems (PREDICTS): Can you help?. BES Bulletin.

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