I am a postdoctoral scientist seeking to understand how human activities are changing biodiversity. I am based in the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research (CBER), at University College London.

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Recent news, outputs and upcoming meetings:

July 2016: new paper in Science on whether land use has pushed biodiversity beyond a planetary boundary. Covered in the BBC, Guardian, Independent, Washington Post, ReutersDaily Mail and Discover.

February 2016: new open-access paper on the effects of land use on turnover in species composition

February 2016: new open-access paper proposing a framework for understanding the trade-offs between biodiversity conservation and agricultural production.

September 2015: I have moved to the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research at University College London.

April 2015: Thoughtful blog on our recent Nature paper.

April 2015: Paper on global impacts of land use on the diversity of ecological assemblages published in Nature.

October 2014: Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 report released, and featured in the Independent, and in the Guardian again.

October 2014: Science paper from Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 reported in the Guardian newspaper

October 2014: Two papers from forthcoming Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 published: one in Science extrapolating indicators of progress toward international biodiversity targets; and one looking at interactions among these targets in Basic & Applied Ecology

August 2014: First PREDICTS paper, modelling the response of tropical forest biodiversity to land-use change and other human pressures, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society.

August 2014: Very nice summary of the Madingley Model (including its limitations) by a colleague.

August 2014: Paper published online in Global Ecology & Biogeography, using trait-based models to show that land-use change has impacted the composition and diversity of bird communities, and will likely continue to do so in the future.

News article on the UNEP website about the Madingley Model, with nice quotes from the Executive Director Achim Steiner

Madingley Model featured in the New Scientist and the Daily Mail.

Paper describing the Madingley Model published in PLoS Biology. Model code will be available to download from the Microsoft Research tools website soon.

Article and editorial on the PREDICTS Project in New Scientist magazine.

Review led by Mike Harfoot on Integrated Assessment models, which attempt to capture the socio-economic, environmental and climate systems, published in Global Ecology & Biogeography.

I will be presenting at the INTECOL meeting in London in August, in "Large scale ecology - landscapes metapopulations and macroecology"

Commentary in Nature (led by Drew Purves) advocating the development of General Ecosystem Models (see also coverage in the Financial Times).

Paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society Series B on the effect of ecological traits of species on their response to land-use change (see also a nice summary by a colleague).