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 Self-portrait of me-er, well actually my shadow.

Born: 1997
Died: Not sure, I'll have to wait and see
Hobbies: Science, ancient ruins (Tenochtitlan, Chichen Itza, Tikal etc.) ancient warfare (Roman, Greek, Macedonian, etc.)
and photography
Things that bug me: Point-and-shoot cameras, when our computer gets too hot and freezes and we have to wait four half an hour until it cools, and the fact that almost every kid in any movie or book is 12
Personality type: Phlegmatic INTP
Favorite Planet: TrES-4 (hey, I never said it had to be in our solar system)
Wikipedia Username: The High Fin Sperm Whale
Insects: 51
Bouncy Balls: 17
Replica Guns: 7 (self-made from duct tape, cardboard, toilet paper tubes, broken hockey sticks and anything else available)

Old fallen-out teeth: 8
Kleenex Boxes: countless
"Of British Columbia" books (e.g. Birds of British Columbia, Mammals of British Columbia, etc.): 5

Now this is really a self portrait of me-er, actually my reflection in a mirror.