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My name is Tim, I'm  a Junior at Texas A&M majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I'm basically a nerd... it's great.  


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Okay, I put some pictures up, now arranged by date. I also want to say I'm amazed how fast Luke linked his google page to mine, especially since I never (to my knowledge) informed him of it's existance. Anyway, enjoy!


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I went and preordered a Wii, and got it on it's release date. So far I just have Wii Sports, but it is really fun, and I've been having a blast playing it.

Party Time

I got bored on a Sunday afternoon, so me and Joe went to Wal-Mart, picked up some painting supplies. I worked for a little while and made this little guy. Party time!


 Ahh! Bat!

On April first, I was cooking dinner when I saw something flying around the living room. Turns out it was a bat, and after a lot of panicing, we managed to get it in a laundry bag and take it outside. It didn't even make our apartment half as cool as the Batcave.

New "Digs"

Mom and Dad got their new house up in Tulsa not too long ago, so we went up and saw it over Spring Break. It was really nice, the house was awesome and we got to vist the parents and Grandma. There are more pictures available on iWallace.

Wedding Picture

This is a picture from Luke and Carolyn's wedding. Its the only one where I look half way human, so it'll have to do... If for some crazy reason you want to see more of these, head on over to Luke's page

Also my head looks huge. 

Thumbs Up!

An old picture from a trip we took to Europe a few years ago. This one is me giving a thumbs up in front of the Eiffel Tower (obviously). One of my favorite pictures from that trip.

To read about that trip, and see more pictures from it, visit this secret page