I was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Columbus, OH.  I attended Harvard University, where I majored in Physics and Astronomy, graduating in June 2006.  After graduating but before coming to California to do my Ph.D. at Caltech, I spent a year working at the MATCH School (a charter school in Boston) as part of the MATCH Corps program, where I tutored students and helped teach an AP Calculus class.  This experience attuned me to the issues of urban education in America, an issue about which I remain passionate.  I also was one of the teachers/coaches in the first year of the MIT Science of Baseball program (right), a summer program for middle school boys from the Boston area.

My wife Vera Gluscevic studies cosmology and is currently a member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.  Our most successful collaboration to date has been our son Andrej (Gluscevic & Morton 2013)