Academic Background

2008    Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Research Psychology
            University of Alaska Fairbanks

1998    M.A. in Existential-Phenomenological Therapeutic
            Seattle University

1996    B.S. in Youth Services
            Sheldon Jackson College


Dr. Lower's research interests revolve around cultural aspects of psychology and research methodology. They include studying variation in cultural identities that affect selfhood, cultural and personality-based cognitive networks, cultural systems, and culturally competent research methods and assessment practicesGiven that Dr. Lower's PhD is in cross-cultural psychology, he tends to look for both universal human patterns and culturally specific knowledge systems as they are revealed through various cultures.  He is also interested in evolutionary psychology, sociobiology, and comparative psychology.  Finally, several of the cultural processes he studies have implications for mental and physical health (see, e.g., this chapter).  As with most cross-cultural psychologists and behavioral anthropologists, his degree and therefore the research methods he tends to use are interdisciplinary in nature.  The projects he operates out of his labs are an expression of his research interests.

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