Current Employment
Visiting Assistant Professor, Haverford College, July 2014 - present
Phone: 510-717-6370

Suffolk University, Ph.D., 2013

University of Richmond, B.S., 2005
Mathematics, Physics

Current Research Interests
Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Political Economics

Teaching Experience
Haverford College
    Introduction to Economics (105): F2013, S2014, F2014
    Crises (255): F2014
    Industrial Organization (330): S2015
    Intermediate Macroeconomics (302): S2015

Drexel University
    Principles of Macroeconomics (202): F2013, W2014

Suffolk University 
    Applied Statistics (250): F2009 (2x), S2010 (2x), S2011 (2x)
    Principles of Microeconomics (101): F2011 (2x), S2012 (2x)
    Principles of Macroeconomics (102): F2010 (2x)
    Applied Econometrics (450/750): F2012

Summit Necessary Small High School (Mount Diablo Unified School District, Concord, CA)    
    Math, Science, and Art Teacher: 2006-2007
"Campaign Contributions as Valence." Public Choice 157, no. 1-2 (2013): 3-24.

"Party-bosses vs. Party-primaries: Quality of Legislature Under Different Selectorates." European Journal of Political Economy 29 (2013): 168-182. (with Haldun Evrenk and Yourong Xu)

Working Papers
"Agency and Incentives: Vertical Integration in the Mortgage Foreclosure Industry." (with Lauren Lambie-Hanson) revise and resubmit Review of Industrial Organization
"Shared Risk in n-player Games." (with Christopher Lambie-Hanson)

Haverford College Economics Colloquium, February 2014
24th International Conference on Game Theory, Stony Brook, July 2013
International Industrial Organization Conference, Boston, May 2013
Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Baltimore, November 2012
North American Summer Meeting Econometric Society, Washington University, St. Louis, June 2011
Association for Public Economic Theory, Indiana University, June 2011
Public Choice Society Annual Meeting, San Antonio, March 2011