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ObjectClassInfo of XPCollection component does not show available XPO objects from referenced assembly

posted Feb 15, 2016, 7:51 AM by Tim Key

I have a WinForm on which I drag an XPCollection component. A separate Class Library project contains all my XPO objects. This class library is referenced by the WinForm application.

The ObjectClassInfo of the XPCollection component allows me to choose which type of object the collection contains. The dropdown in the property editor does not list my XPO objects from the class library. How can I make them available in the dropdown?


The XPCollection lists classes from the compiled project. You should use any class of your referenced assembly in your project, e.g. declare a variable of your persistent object, and rebuild your project. Then reopen the form designer with your XPCollection component. Now you can select persistent classes declared in your assembly for the ObjectClassInfo property via the Property Window.