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My Latest Tech

posted Nov 1, 2016, 1:37 PM by Tim Key
I know, I know it's been FOREVER since I have made a blog post on here.  Well, there's a very good reason for that.  However, I'm not at liberty to tell you so, we can just move right along.  :-)

I thought I would catch you up to speed on the latest techy gadgets that I am currently using in my life.  Let's begin with the oldest tech and move forward from there.

The Desktop

Oh yes, I still use a desktop.  I actually use several but two in particular.  At home, I use the HP XW8400 Workstation that I purchased way back in 2007.  I've had to replace a few parts along the way but, for the most part, it's still running well.  At work, I use a custom built workstation that I blogged about several years ago.  You can see all of the specs by clicking here.  I have recently had to replace the video card but, other than that, it has been the best running desktop I have ever had.  I am considering building a new desktop at work in 2017 and expiring the XW8400.  I would love to get some recommendations on a custom build and your experience.

The Phone

I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  My wife and I both have this phone and love it.  I am eligible for an upgrade from Verizon and was just about ready to jump on the Galaxy Note 7 when they started exploding.  Well, I won't be getting one of those phones.  I was awaiting for the Google Pixel to finally release and, after it did, I wasn't that impressed with the overall specs for the price point.  I'm torn between the iPhone 7 Plus and the Google Pixel XL but neither of them are overwhelmingly appealing at the current time.  Until I can feel all warm and fuzzy about the next phone, I'll just hang on to my trusty Note 4 with the replaceable battery.

The Laptop

I have a 2012 model of the MacBook Pro that I rarely, if ever, find a reason to turn on.  It is more of a nostalgia for me.  I keep it running and up-to-date but just don't find a good reason to use it.  I'll keep it around though, just in case.

The Tablet(s)

Here is where I find inspiration.  I have 3 tablets and all of them have different purposes.  I have the Motorola Xoom Android based tablet that I use exclusively for my sheet music library for playing live gigs.  It is quite old and I am working on moving my music library to another device.  Which brings us to tablet #2.  I have the iPad Pro 12.9 that is quickly taking control of my digital life.  I am finding new ways to do old things every week it seems.  As an MBA student, I cannot imagine not having this device for all my in-class work and note taking.  I have the type cover and pencil accessories that completed the ensemble.  When my wife started college, I insisted that she also get one of these and, though reluctant at first, has the same opinion of the iPad Pro as I do.  It's invaluable for students.  But there are a few things that my favorite tablet device just can't do and for those pesky little details, I use the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  

Also with the type cover and pen, it is a wonderful device to have in my collection.  The pen doesn't work as well as the Apple Pencil does but it is effective if needed.  I use the Surface Pro for more office type activities such as Programming, Excel Solver, Analytics, and etc... The iPad just can't cover everything.  


Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  The full lineup of technology that I am currently using.  I'll try and keep things a little more fresh on the site for the next time that you drop by and perhaps a little more interesting.