ToeJaM Racing

Tim's TOYZ:


NIC -- S944 RoadRace 

NOC -- S944 RoadRace

PETE -- S944 RoadRace -GONE

GUS -- ITB RoadRace

SID -- ITB            -For Sale-  

BEN -- BMW '67 2002

GIRT -- Rally Car --SOLD--

NERO -- Porsche 944                                                                Tim's VW kids

WASCAL -- Totaled ITB 

Other ToeJaM Vehicles                                   GIRT -SOLD-             GUS                       SID

                                                                                                                                                     -For Sale-


Fun Pics


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2009 Racing Results


2008 Racing Results


2007 Racing  Results 


NOC the 944 is another project underway

Stay tuned for more pictures & updates...


 BEN the Beamer is the CURRENT PROJECT

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BEN spent some time on the track. He needs the rear diff welded and a bit of dyno tuning to get the A/F just right.


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2006 Racing Results


Tim & GUS at LVR Autocross February 19, 2006

  Photo Credit: Art Whitton

Watch Tim try to roll GUS at AARC 2003 at the end of the famous "S's" of Road Atlanta. (Google Video) Click Here 



1985 VW Golf GTI

CASPER was a little project that needed a bunch of TLC and a lot and lot of debugging to excise the GHOSTS.  CASPER's goal in life was to run a LeMons race and finish the entire event. Happy to say,  CASPER did the job the weekend of May 23 - 23, 2009. Seven drivers tooled little CASPER around the Reno / Fernley Raceway.

Want more pictures of the zany LeMons - Goin' For Broken Race?

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NIC's Finished -- And Winning Races


PETE & Tim at PIR on December 1-2, 2006

Turn 3 -- Notice the RF wheel up from cornering load

Photo Credit: Howard Kuflik