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The following are my notes for Web Programming 


Google AdSense 

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Web Statistics 


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 Add Google AdSense to your Google Pages


Add Google PageRank™

My Google PageRank 

Simply go to http://www.MyGooglePageRank.com/

Input your website address url, and you will get a group of HTML code.

Copy and paste to your site, you will get  this : Google PR™ - Post your Page Rank with MyGooglePageRank.com
Articles My Google PR <- You have to add those two links with the MyGooglePageRank Service.

Page Rank Checker

Visit this site, copy and paste the code. You will got this: PageRank Tool or a smaller one: PageRank Tool

Add a Visitor Counter


Site Meter

 First, apply your free account :


Note: you have to say yes to one of the e-magazine subscription and they ask twice for the other two.  :< 

 Than you can  select style and copy the HTML code and Paste toyour Google Pages.

You will get this:  Site Meter

You can change style at Site Meter Site, without changing the code again.


...  FREE. ... track up to 20,000 page views per month for free.

Just Sign Up and get the code and paste.

You will get this: Website Analytics and Website Statistics by NextSTAT

 Web Statistics



ISO Latin 1 Character Entities and HTML Escape Sequence Table

Yellow Pip Internet Service