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 A freeware collection.

Portable Freeware. (works Standalone)

All softwares listed in my site, if not specially noted,  is Portable. i.e. It can run standalone and can be move to other computer without reinstall.   How to make a program portable?

 I give scores for those software,  is the best software I can imagine. Softwares lower than ④ will only be listed for comparasion.

The Classification

The freewares are listed in the following groups: 


 Image Viewers, photo manager, photo editors, vector editors etc



 Scilab, Maxima, AnalyticMATH, Gnuplot 

Desktop Ultilities

Personal Information Manager, Quick laucher, Calendar, Task manager 


 UML Tools, XML


 Dictionary etc.

Web Page Design

nvu, Top Style Lite, etc.

Other Utilities 

 Free Web Hosting

Following directory is not ready yet. I will add something soon. 

Anti virus & Security 

Anti Adware/Spyware, Anti Virus Tools, Encryption, Firewall, Password  




 BackUp, File Manager, File Shredder, Recovery, Rename, Search&Replace,



 Audio Editor, Audio Player, Audio Recorder, Multimedia File Manager, Tag,

Video Editor, Video Player, Video Recorder,


 Chat, Download Manager, E-mail, FTP Tools, RSS Feed Readers, Web Browser


 Office Suite, PDF, Spreed Sheet



System Tools 

 Disk, Process, Shutdown, Startup, System Inforamtion, Uninstall,

Text Editors 

Web Page Editors,  Programming, XML Editors,

 Free Java Development Tools Downloads

Kick-start your Java apps  Download free software for rapid results