How the Picture Fresno posts are scheduled

 After a lot of talking and thinking we have decided that the photo posts will work like this:

Saturdays (except for opening day, October 10th, 2009) will have three photos posted, all at 12 noon.

Weekdays there will be two photos posted each day, appearing at 9 am.

Sundays there will be no photos posted, but we will use Sundays to update our content and add to any posts if we have fun facts/history/stories about that place.

Opening day, October 10, 2009, there will be 7 photo posts up, just for kicks, and to get this party started.

Comments for all photo posts will be hidden from the public until 5 pm the day that the post went up to allow people to guess without viewing what other participants have guessed.  This also will allow us to moderate what is posted, which we will do just in case there are ever comments that are negative or just plain stupid.

Email us with any questions. 


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