Learning For Speculation To Science

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School

Chapter 1 Learning for Speculation to Science


Tim Guy


            The perspectives of this first chapter of this book give insightful information to the reader into where the study of knowledge and learning began and where we are headed.  Throughout my reading in continued to reflect on my understanding of the knowledge that I have gained through my studies as apart of this cohort and the doctoral program.  This brings up the problem with this type of information.  It is useful if you are studying it for a class or if you are interested in the subject.  Most practicing teachers and administrators are more concerned about the day-to-day operations of their classrooms and schools than to delve into theory.  I agree that the information contained in just this first chapter has whetted my appetite to read on, but most are not in a doctoral program.

            Another question arises as to feasibility of implementation of such an endeavor as this on a school-wide basis.  I would enjoy having educators at Chatsworth High School read this book and have discussion about it.  Being a large comprehensive high school is not an obstacle, but a challenge to develop opportunities to overcome an institute some type of theoretical dialogue regarding student and teacher learning.  The larger challenge is how do we bridge the gap between twentieth century educators and twenty-first century learners?