How Experts Differ From Novices

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School 1999

Chapter 2 How Experts Differ from Novices


Tim Guy


This chapter provided this reader with tremendous insight into what it means to be “an expert.”  I like the term “accomplished novice” better because it does leave room to learn new ideas.  Before reading this chapter, I too held the notion that experts knew everything and to be honest I was quite intimidated by those who considered themselves experts. 

            I can understand how these six principles (chunking, breath/depth, conditionality, recognizing patterns, fluency, pedagogical content knowledge, and adaptive expertise) are interesting and useful in understanding how to better educate our students.  My question from my response to Chapter One is still valid.  When can I as the principal move my teaching staff to a better understanding of these principles and apply them everyday in the classroom?  Maybe, metacognitively I can search for answers to my predicament.