Patristic Fathers of the Church
Men with guts who received the grace to use 'em

St. Jerome, Bio


Works of the Major Patristic Fathers Available Here

BIBLIACLERUS - Commentary Database of Patristics on Scripture Here

Commentary on 5 Letters of St. Paul by St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Leo the Great, Pope - his "Tome" on the twofold nature and nativity of Christ.  Caution: some translations not entirely catholic and may contain innacurracies to prostestantize the meaning - particularly in regards to Mary's perpetual virginity.

St. Augustine - His famous "Confessions" follow his long journey through manicheeism, stoicism, and lust of the flesh before becoming one of the greatest Catholic writers and bishops of all time. 

St. Vincent of Lerins - This  "Commonitory" - if you think you're alone in wanting to eliminate a modern innovation or two and get back to what orthodox faith in Christ is all about, Vincent has your back.