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Canadian Lynx, Felis lynx 




  Pebble Beach Golf Links



sausage links from Reunion Island 


Link, The Legend of Zelda



Calendar of Saints                                   

Patron Saints Index - Catholic Forum     

Head of the Church 


- B16's 2nd Encyclical , Spe Salvi

Sacred Scripture & Magisterium 

New American Bible (Catholic) 

Catechism of Catholic Church 

Sanctity of LIFE

National Right to Life

Birthright - get help with a pregnancy 

Particularly Pro Life


Catholic World News                                                                

Kenrick Social Justice Blog                                          

The World Seen From Rome (Zenit - in English)     

Catholic News Agency                

Online Libraries                                                              

New Advent Encyclopedia 

Gutenberg Books - 18 million free books with loads of G. K. Chesterton         

EWTN Library Index note the two important buttons towards the top for documents or audio to get deeper into the files                                                  

Traditional Catholic Stuff

Fish Eaters - docs, prayers, opinions - etc.


Catholics Come Home

The Code......of Canon Law

Code of Canon Law  


C.S. Lewis Quote Page


Catholic Morality - Moral Theologian from Kenrick Seminary  

Life is a Prayer.com                                                                                     

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

Musings ...Catholic Bookstore

One Monk of the Order of Saint Benedict 

The Dawn Patrol - The Thrill of the Chaste author, Dawn Eden

Catholic-err Colleges & U's  

Catholicity (most on this list seem very strong in the faith)    

Religious Art

St. Charles Borromeo of Picayune, MS

Polish Stuff


Divine Mercy in Polski video