Great Authors to Check Out
and even some of my stuff

C.S. Lewis - only has a long poem or collection of poems available, but Clive Staples is an amazing scholar with a good number of books.  My favorite (maybe of all books) is The Great Divorce by Lewis.  He describes the divorce between heaven and hell in this novel.  The following link directs you to a C.S. Lewis fact site.  Go Into the Wardrobe.

G.K. Chesterton - His writing is another big inspiration of mine (and of C.S. Lewis).  I have read some of his nonfiction work and was blown away by it.  So far I can personally recommend The Everlasting Man, Orthodoxy, Heretics (written before Orthodoxy), and The New Jerusalem.  His epic poetry is also incredible - "The Ballad of the White Horse" and "Lepanto".  GK's fiction is downright imaginative with my favorite being Manalive.  But The Napoleon of Notting Hill, The Man Who Was Thursday, and The Ball and the Cross were all terrific as well.   Find plenty more at The American Chesterton Society.

Hillaire Belloc - I haven't made it to Hillaire yet, but I know he was a friend and contemporary of Chesterton and a stout defender of the faith.  I plan on reading The Path to Rome first.  He apparently made quite an interesting journey there by foot in his younger days. has this to say about the writer.

George MacDonald - Not a Catholic, but a very imaginative Christian author that I've found enjoyable.  I have really just started his stuff, but I recommend what I've found - The Portent and Other Stories (and make sure you read the short stories - they're wonderful).  I've also delved into St. George and St. Michael, but haven't finished yet.  His most famous are Lilith and Phantastes.  Along with Chesterton, his writing was a big inspiration of C.S. Lewis - so much so that he is used as a character in The Great Divorce.

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