Catholic Answers - Huge resource for questions about the faith

Scripture Citations - These verses can help you support frequently misunderstood features of Catholic faith with the Bible

Some Individual Apologists

Scott Hahn - Professor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville, he is a convert, a well known author, and a father of six children.  More of his bio here

Jimmy Akin - Frequent host of the Catholic Answers radio show, he is a convert and a well known apologist and this link directs you to his highly acclaimed blog.

    Some Jimmy Akin Answers

St. Justin Martyr,  

patron saint for apologists  

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St. Thomas Aquinas - Helpful on almost every possible question of the faith, St. Thomas raises famous questions in his Summa Theologica.  In Part 1, Question 2, Art. 3, he directly asks whether or not God exists and provides five "ways" to express the necessity for God's existence.  Regardless of whether you describe them as "proof", the five ways deserve serious attention from anyone mulling these  matters so foundational to the universe.

    Additional Web Resources: "Five Ways

    by the Thomistic Philosophy page of Joseph Magee, Ph.D.

St. Augustine

Archbishop Fulton Sheen - He was an archbishop, yet he had a radio show, a nationally televised program, and authored many great books about the faith.  The video links off this site work, but the audio is temporarily down.