Contest Rules

Contest Announcements:
  • All contest announcements will be posted in the EVGA form on the official contest announcement thread. 
  • The first post in the thread will contain contests updates and you should check it periodically to be informed of any contest announcements.

Time Period:
  • The contest will start at midnight (Eastern Time US) on December 2nd and end when each team has reached 200 million points.
  • Note: points goals for each team may be adjusted prior to the start of the contest based on number of participants.

  • Registration will end November 30th at 9 PM (Eastern Time US).
  • Late registration will be at the discretion of our stats master drougnor, however, it must be before December 2nd.
  • You must sign up for the time zone you live in.
  • All information must be reported as accurately as possible during registration.
  • Only one contest entry is permitted per household.


Contest Participation
  • You must fold under your own folding name for team 111065.
  • All folders are expected to fully participate in the contest for its entire duration. 
    • If you cannot commit to folding for the entire contest you should not sign up for the contest.
  • You are only allowed to fold under your own folding name.
  • You may not pause, stop or otherwise disrupt your normal flow of work units to gain an advantage.

Eligible Hardware:

  • Any hardware you fold on for the contest must be personally owned by you. 
  • Adding additional hardware that you own (especially if you will fold on it full time) is both permitted and encouraged.

Gift Eligibility:

  • To be eligible for the gift drawing, participants must continue to fold within the contest rules through the entire duration of the contest and fold a minimum of 750,000 points. 
    • We recognize that all participants do not have the same level of hardware and exceptions to this will be granted prior to the start of the contest if you are unable to reach this threshold.
    • If you believe you will be unable to fold the minimum points in the contest period simply contact troy8d via PM on the EVGA forums
  • If unforeseen circumstances arise during the contest, that impact your ability to participate they must be promptly be reported and addressed at the time they occur to remain eligible for the drawing.
  • Each contestant may only win one gift.


  • Failure to abide by the rules and intentions of this contest will disqualify you from this contest and possibly future contests.  You will also be disqualified from any associated gift drawings.


  • It is impossible to foresee and address every circumstance that may arise.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances, best judgement based on the intentions of this contest and the folding community will be used.