Monday, December 14

Welcome Coffee

Time, Uncertainties & Strategies (chaired by Stefano Bosi)
10:00-10:40 : Bernard Cornet (University of Paris 1 and Kansas University)  : «Submodular Financial Markets with Frictions»  (joint with Alain Chateauneuf);
10:40-11:20 : Rabah Amir (Iowa University) :  «On the Microeconomic Foundations of Linear Demand for Differentiated Products» (joint with Jim Jin and Philip Erickson); 
11:20-12:00 : Muhamet Yildiz (Massachussets Institute of Technology): «Crises: Equilibrium Shifts under Model Uncertainty» (joint with Stephen Morris).

Lunch Break

Uncertainties & Strategies  (chaired by Michèle Cohen)
13:30-14:10 : Jose Heleno Faro (Insper, Brazil) : «Bewley 'meet' Gilboa and Schmeidler: Legitimate Preferences under Uncertainty»  (joint with Efe Ok and Gil Riella);
14:10-14:50 : Marcus Pivato (University of Cergy): «Subjective expected utility representations for Savage preferences on topological spaces» (joint with Vassili Vergopoulos);
14:50-15:30 : Efe Ok (New York University) : «Coalitional Expected Multi-Utility Theory»  (joint with Kazuhiro Hara and Gil Riella).

Tea Break

Time & Strategies  (chaired by Cuong Le Van)
16:00-16:40  Aloisio Araujo (Getulio Vargas Foundation, IMPA) : «Refinement of Dynamic Equilibria using Small Random Perturbations» (joint with M. Choubdar, W.L. Maldonado, D. Pinheiro and A.A. Pinto);
16:40-17:20 :  Kenji Sato (Kobe University): «Differentiable Monotone Comparative Statics» (joint with Takashi Kamihigashi);
17:20-18:00 :  Philippe Bich (PSE, University of Paris 1): «On Temporal Aggregators and Dynamic Programming» (joint with Jean-Pierre Drugeon and Lisa Morhaim).

20:00: Dinner at «Le Coupe Chou»

Tuesday, December 15

Welcome Coffee

Time, Uncertainties & Strategies  (chaired by Alain Chateauneuf)
10:00-10:40 : Pawel Dziewulski (Oxford University) : «Revealed Time-Preference»;
10:40-11:20 :   Maxwell B. Stinchcombe (University of Texas at Austin)«Patient, Perfectly Pareto Preferences: Programming and the 
Precautionary Principle
» (joint with Urmee Khan
11:20-12:00 :  Tomasz Strzalecki (Harvard University): «Stochastic Choice and Optimal Sequential Sampling» (joint with Drew Fudenberg).


Uncertainties, Comparative Statics & Strategies  (chaired by Carmen Camacho)
13:30-14:10  Takashi Kamihigashi (Kobe University): «Robust Comparative Statics of Non-Monotone Shocks in Large Aggregative Games» (joint with Carmen Camacho and Cagri Saglam);
14:10-14:50 : Tarun Sabarwal (Kansas University): «Directional Monotone Comparative Statics»;
14:50-15:30 :  Martin Kaae Jensen (University of Leicester) : «Robust Predictions in the Large».

Tea Break
Uncertainties & Strategies  (chaired by Robert Kast)
16:00-16:40 :  Peter Wakker (Erasmus University) : «The Present State of the Art in Risk- and Ambiguity Decision Theory as an Interaction between Mathematical Economists and Psychologists»;
16:40-17:20 :   Richard Suen (University of Leicester) : «Concave Consumption Function and Precautionary Wealth Accumulation»;
17:20-18:00 : Matthew Polisson (University of Leicester) : «Revealed Preferences over Risk and Uncertainty» (joint with John Quah and Ludovic Renou).

20:00: Dinner at «Au Bistrot de la Montagne»