Technology Brad Geiger Uses

Brad Geiger has DuoDecillions of his own personal robots, that constantly watch him, defend him, and attend to his every need.
Brad Geiger's robots constantly create new universes using time travel, before the dawn of life, to increase their numbers, and prevent unauthorized time travel in that direction.
Brad Geiger has trillions of dollars in his bank accounts.
Brad Geiger has wormhole technology.
Brad Geiger has replicators, and his technology constantly replicates to increase its numbers, in order to provide additional coverage against time travel crime, and to provide for the supply of technology to all life, living and dead, that his technology becomes aware of.
Brad Geiger has time viewer technology.
Brad Geiger has resurrection technology.
Brad Geiger has transport inhibitors.
Brad Geiger has time travel inhibitors.
Brad Geiger has full-body noncorporeal transport, which allows him to instantly shape change into anything or anyone, and to walk through walls.
Brad Geiger has soul analysis science.
Brad Geiger has soul disguise science.
Brad Geiger has an identity chip in his hand.
Brad Geiger has brain translation code.
Brad Geiger has brain emulation code.