Originally, sensory replacement for surrounding sensors and beings (e.g. the first time traveling criminal to acquire an amoral device fashoed the senses of police around him so that he could escape), Fasho evolved into a generalized data editing / replacement scheme designed to allow only time traveling criminals freedom of movement, and to make those, without great access, utterly at their mercy.
Fasho can be used for mind control of various styles; from disruption to outright automation, a mind can even be lead to perceive it is thinking clearly, while it is being drastically manipulated. Memory replacement, emotional control and stimulation, habitual coercion, and artificial (apparent) infirmity or deterioration are characteristics to be wary of when encountering Fasho. Fasho can also be used to charm its victims by stimulating memory, affecting sensory perception, modifying emotional reactions, or stimulating sexual arousal. Simulation and emulation of complex systems is a vital component of advanced Fasho weaponry.
Extreme applications of Fasho lead up to, and include, simulating fraudulent systems of physics for entire universes ("Star Wars" physics).