Corrugated Boxes
Custom or Stock, printed or plain, we have boxes for you. We design, manufacture, die-cut, print and deliver boxes suited to your needs. We have more than 100 "ready to use Die's" and a comprehensive range of "ready to go Stock Boxes"     
Stock Boxes
Are great for most applications, especially when needed urgently - To ensure availability, we continuously manufacture the standard sizes and the larger orders of Stock 3 to TVL 12 can be personalised with your own print.

Reference Length WidthDepth Bundle Qty
Stock 1150100 100 20
Stock 2 230150150 20
Stock 3 250150 250 20
Stock 4 300230300 20
Stock 5 45030030020
Stock 660045030015
Stock 7450450500 15
TVL 2 50040014715
TVL 4500400285 20
TVL 6500400450 20
TVL 9 50040065520
TVL12 50040078020

Bin Boxes
Ideal for the shelving and orderly storage of smaller items - The cut away design allows for the application of a label and easy viewing of the items. Delivered flat, they are easy to assemble and do not require tape or staples.

ReferenceLxWxD  Bundle
3 300x120x115 50
8 295x105x110 50
10 295x160x110 50
11 295x52x110 50
12 555x130x100 25
13 440x300x300 25

Archive Boxes
Ideal for the archiving of documents and storage of small & mid-size items. The robust design, removable or flip top lid and hand slots allow for stacking and easy handling.

Pizza Boxes
Available in both kraft (natural) and white liner with personalised printing on quantities of 1000 units.

ReferenceLxWxDBundle Qty

Base & Lid
Used for the shipping and storage of meat and lower height products - Lids increase strength and facilitate stacking. Custom sizes can be manufactured to better suit your individual storage requirements. To withstand moisture and add strength, the trays can be lined with plastic sheeting and the corners reinforced.

ReferenceLxWxDBundle Qty
Base & Lid533x426x15020
 Reinforced Base & Lid585x385x14020


Box Styles 
Regular Slotted Containers (RSC) - The most popular, delivered with the side seam glued, easy to erect and close with tape or glue.
Half RSC - An RSC with open top. As the lid is telescopic, it is ideal for products of varying heights.
Full Overlapping Flaps (FOLF) - Top or Bottom (or both) fully overlap. A board insert will provide additional cushioning and strength. Suited for heavier object and stackability.
Base & Lid - Two piece solution for low height products. Lid can full depth or variable and suited for regular opening. The two pieces offer increased stacking strength.