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Prothonian Pantheon

This pantheon was first worshiped by the humans of ancient, lost Prothonia, far to the west. When the Titans overwhelmed that land, the humans found new homes across the sea in Iath-Hemut. Those who founded Thovalas preserved their ancient ways, including the old gods of Prothonia. Like the Thovalans themselves, this family of gods is dominated by powerful female leaders, including the pantheon's ruler and general.
    Domezia, the ruler of the pantheon, is also the mother of many of them by Panterron (Atonistra, Bellonika, Crolion, and Kanatos). Atonistra and Crolion have three children of their own (Hylacine, Momyx, and Nymea), while Bellonika and Kanatos have only one child (Proteris). The Prothonian Pantheon dwells on the outer plane known as Caelicus (Utopia, LN).
    The Prothonian gods compete for dominance in the mortal world with the Titans (or Elder Titans, to distinguish them from their non-divine descendants). The two groups are not related by blood, but share a single mythology based on their eternal war.
    Every craft and profession has a patron among the Prothonian gods, so each deity's profile includes a "Crafts/Professions" entry identifying which fall into each god's portfolio.

Favored Weapon
Domezia the Lawgiver
law, justice, rulers, cities
Community, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Protection
Atonistra the Weaver
crafts, home, community, healing
Artifice, Community, Good, Healing
Bellonika the Warlord
war, soldiers, strength, horses
Law, Nobility, Strength, War
Crolion the Smith
metalworking, fire, architecture
Artifice, Earth, Fire, Law
Hylacine the Musician
music, dance, artists
Animal, Charm, Knowledge, Protection
Kanatos the Stargazer
knowledge, magic, navigation, seas, science
Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Travel
Momyx the Fool
comedy, beggars, outcasts
Liberation, Luck, Protection, Trickery
Nymea the Cupbearer
hospitality, wine, feasts
Community, Healing, Protection, Repose
Panterron the Father
fertility, agriculture, animals, plants
Animal, Community, Plant, Protection, Weather
Proteris the Chamberlain
locks, wealth, slavery, servants, bureaucracy
Charm, Evil, Law, Trickery
light mace
Prothonian Pantheon
law, community
Community, Knowledge, Law, Protection

DOMEZIA the Lawgiver (Lawful Neutral)

Domezia is the Empress of the Gods and the creator of laws for both gods and men. She is usually depicted as a stern, handsome, middle-aged woman in royal robes, holding scales and an executioner's axe.

Portfolio: law, justice, rulers, cities
Domains: Community, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Protection
Subdomains: Defense, Family, Home, Leadership, Loyalty, Memory
Worshipers: judges, paladins, rulers; humans
Symbols: Crown; scales; executioner's axe
Favored Weapon: battleaxe

Crafts/Professions: -- / judge

ATONISTRA the Weaver (Lawful Good)

Atonistra, her husband Crolion, and their three children are the patrons of all artisans and professionals. The Weaver is particularly associated with weaving, tailoring, and healing. She is depicted as a serene, beautiful woman working at a loom or tending a patient. She is the kindest of all the gods (and the only lawful good deity in the pantheon).

Portfolio: crafts, home, community, healing
Domains: Artifice, Community, Good, Healing
Subdomains: Family, Friendship[1], Home, Restoration, Resurrection
Worshipers: craftsman, healers, paladins; humans
Symbols: Loom; net; web; spindle
Favored Weapon: net
[1] New subdomain. See the d20 Pathfinder SRD.

Crafts/Professions: basketweaving, cobbling, weaving / apothecary

BELLONIKA the Warlord (Lawful Neutral)

Bellonika is the pantheon's greatest warrior and the general of their armies. She is always depicted as a well-muscled woman in armor, either fighting on foot with a glaive or on horseback with a lance.

Portfolio: war, soldiers, strength, horses
Domains: Law, Nobility. Strength, War
Subdomains: Ferocity, Leadership, Loyalty[1], Resolve, Tactics
Worshipers: fighters, cavaliers, monks, rangers, paladins; humans
Symbols: Glaive; shield; mounted knight
Favored Weapon: glaive
[1] New subdomain. See the d20 Pathfinder SRD.

Crafts/Professions: -- / driver*, hunter*, siege engineer, teamster*, stablehand* (* military only; others honor Panterron)

CROLION the Smith (Lawful Neutral)

Crolion is patron to all who work with metal or gems, as well as architects and masons. He is usually depicted a huge, musclebound, bald man dressed in a smith's apron and wielding a massive hammer.

Portfolio: metalworking, fire, architecture
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Fire, Law
Subdomains: Ash, Construct, Metal, Smoke, Toil
Worshipers: architects, armorers, jewelers, masons, miners, smiths; humans
Symbols: Sledgehammer; flames
Favored Weapon: warhammer

Crafts/Professions: armorsmithing, blacksmithing, bowmaking, gemcutting, stonemasonry, weaponsmithing / miner

HYLACINE the Musician (Neutral)

Hylacine is the most popular of the lesser gods due to her patronage of the fine arts (music, dance, theater, and any visual arts that are not directed overseen by her parents). She is always depicted as a beautiful maiden playing an instrument (most commonly a lyre or flute). Her raiment ranges from the modest to the scandalous, depending on the artist and the occasion.

Portfolio: music, dance, artists
Domains: Animal, Charm, Knowledge, Protection
Subdomains: Love, Lust, Memory, Purity, Thought
Worshipers: actors, bards, dancers, musicians; humans
Symbols: Dancing maiden; musical instrument
Favored Weapon: shortbow

Crafts/Professions: painting, poetry, sculpture / -- (but see Performance skills)

KANATOS the Stargazer (Neutral)

Kanatos is the scientist and archmage of the pantheon. He plumbs the universe's secrets and shares his knowledge with gods and men. When the Titans ravaged Prothonia, Kanatos taught men the arts of navigation so that they could find a new home across the sea. he is depicted as a tall, thin man with a long white beard, piercing eyes, and a high forehead.

Portfolio: knowledge, magic, navigation, seas, science
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Travel
Subdomains: Arcane, Exploration, Language, Memory, Wards
Worshipers: sailors, scholars, scribes, wizards; humans
Symbols: Stars; book; sextant; ship
Favored Weapon: quarterstaff

Crafts/Professions: alchemy, bookbinding, calligraphy, shipmaking / boater, bookkeeper (with Proteris), guide, sailor, scribe

MOMYX the Fool (Neutral)

Momyx is Domezia's court jester, and as such, is the only god who is allowed to mock her (within reason, of course). He is the friend of beggars, cripples, outcasts, and thieves (but never traitors or other truly vile criminals). Momyx is usually depicted as a stunted man, often a hunchback, with an irrepressible smile and dressed in motley. He is the only god of the pantheon with an obvious deformity.

Portfolio: comedy, beggars, outcasts
Domains: Liberation, Luck, Protection, Trickery
Subdomains: Curse, Deception, Freedom, Purity, Thievery
Worshipers: bards, clowns, outcasts, rogues, the very poor; humans
Symbols: A jester's wand; a hunchback in motley
Favored Weapon: club

Crafts/Professions: -- / -- (but see Performance skills)

NYMEA the Cupbearer (Neutral)

Nymea is a youthful goddess who passes the cup of hospitality among the gods and their guests. She is the patron of brewers, vintners, and innkeepers, as well as cooks. She works closely with Proteris, whose role complements hers, but she prefers the company of the more cheerful Momyx. Nymea also has a secondary role as a psychopomp (one who escorts the spirits of the dead), and as such is sometimes depicted with wings.

Portfolio: hospitality, wine, feasts
Domains: Community, Healing, Protection, Repose
Subdomains: Ancestors, Family, Home, Purity, Souls
Worshipers: brewer, cooks, innkeepers, vintners; humans
Symbols: A golden goblet; a young woman offering a cup
Favored Weapon: sap

Crafts/Professions: -- / brewer, cook, innkeeper

PANTERRON the Father (Neutral)

Panterron is royal consort to Domezia. He is the god of nature, agriculture, and herds. When accompanying Domezia, he dresses in royal robes decorated with images of animals and plants. On his own, he is usually portrayed as a handsome, plainly dressed farmer or herder.

Portfolio: fertility, agriculture, animals, plants
Domains: Animal, Community, Plant, Protection, Weather
Subdomains: Defense, Family, Growth, Home, Purity, Seasons
Worshipers: farmers, herders, parents; humans
Symbols: Sheaf of wheat; scythe; bull
Favored Weapon: sickle

Crafts/Professions: leatherworking / driver*, farmer, fisher (freshwater), herbalist, herder, hunter*, lumberjack, miller, rancher, stablehand*, tanner, teamster*, woodcutter (* except for military, who honor Bellonika)

PROTERIS the Chamberlain (Lawful Evil)

Proteris is the Keeper of the Keys, Master of Coin, and Major Domo to the pantheon. He is depicted as a comely, impeccably groomed man of middle age dressed in the regalia of his office. He is also the god of slavery and bureaucracy, and the corruption that infects both of those realms. As such, Proteris is the only truly evil god of the pantheon, but is worshiped by all alignments as a necessary part of the order decreed by the Lawgiver.

Portfolio: locks, wealth, secrets, slavery, servants, bureaucracy
Domains: Charm, Evil, Law, Trickery
Subdomains: Deception, Devil, Slavery[1], Thievery, Tyranny[1]
Worshipers: bureaucrats, coiners, locksmiths, merchants, overseers, slavers, spies, assassins, necromancers, rogues; humans
Symbols: An ornate gold key; staff of office; chains; chest full of coins
Favored Weapon: light mace
[1] New subdomain. See the d20 Pathfinder SRD.

Crafts/Professions: locksmithing, trapmaking / bookkeeper (with Kanatos), porter


Clerics of the entire pantheon primarily serve the Lawgiver as ruler of the pantheon, but devote some time to honoring every Prothonian god within their own sphere of influence.

Portfolio: law, community
Domains: Community, Knowledge, Law, Protection
Subdomains: Defense, Family, Home, Loyalty[1], Memory
Worshipers: parents, leaders, all law-abiding citizens; humans
Symbols: Crown and shield
Favored Weapon: longsword
[1] New subdomain. See the d20 Pathfinder SRD.

Crafts/Professions: See individual gods

Prothonian Pantheon Religion Traits
    Worshipers of the Prothinian gods may choose religions traits from the following list. See the Advanced Player's Guide or Ultimate Campaign for the trait rules.

    Eyes and Ears of the City: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception checks, and Perception is always a class skill for you.
    Strict Judgment: Any spell you cast that prescribe certain behaviors with a consequence for breaking those directives (such as mark of justice or geas) have their save DC increased by 1.

    Battlefield Surgeon: Heal is always a class skill for you, and you can use the treat deadly wounds aspect of the skill 1 additional time per creature per day.
    Inoculated: You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against disease effects.

    Strength's Fanfare: When you are subject to any sonic effect that grants a morale bonus on attack or damage rolls, you also gain a +1 trait bonus on Strength-based skills; on combat maneuver checks to bull rush, grapple, or reposition; and your CMD against those combat maneuvers.
    Veteran of Battle: You gain a +1 trait bonus on initiative checks, and if you are able to act during a surprise round, you may draw a weapon (but not a potion or magic item) as a free action during that round.

    Guardian of the Forge: You receive a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (engineering) and Knowledge (history) checks. One of these skills (your choice) is always a class skill for you.
    Toilcrafter: Choose one Craft or Profession skill in which you have at least 1 rank. Ranks in your chosen skill count as your caster level for the purpose of qualifying for the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat. You may craft +1 armor, weapons, or shields (with no special qualities), substituting your rank in the chosen skill for your caster level. You must use the chosen skill for the check to create the item. Crafting in this fashion takes twice as long as normal. These items cannot be upgraded with new abilities.

    Ear for Music: You gain a +1 trait bonus on one Perform skill and a +2 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks that deal with the local art or music scene.
    Eye of the Muse: You gain +1 trait bonus to a Craft skill of your choice, and Perform is always a class skill for you.

    Arcane Depth: You gain a trait bonus of either +1 on Spellcraft checks or +2 on Knowledge (arcana) checks. Which bonus you receive is chosen when you take the trait and may not be changed.
    Magic’s Might: You gain a +1 trait bonus on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance.

    Inner Beauty: You gain a +4 trait bonus to a single Bluff, Craft, Diplomacy, or Perform skill check once per day. You can choose whether to use it after making the check.
    Liar’s Tongue: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Bluff checks, and Bluff is a class skill for you.

    Adventurous Imbiber: You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against poison.
    Peace Maker: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks, and Diplomacy is always a class skill for you.

    Stoic Optimism: You receive a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against fear effects.
    Wise Teacher: If you have 4 or more ranks in Survival or Knowledge (nature), when you aid another with these skills, you grant a +4 bonus on the check you are aiding instead of the normal +2.


    Eye for Quality: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Appraise checks, you don’t suffer the effects of failing such checks by 5 or more, and Appraise is a class skill for you.
    Honey-Tongued: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Diplomacy or Bluff checks when dealing with agents of the law, whether judges, guards, or paladins.

Prothonian Pantheon
    Lover of the Law: You gain a +1 trait bonus on saves vs. charm and compulsion spells, and may make a new save with an additional +1 trait bonus (for a total of +2) if directed to act against the law.
    Propitiation: Your knowledge of the gods tells you precisely which gods have jurisdiction over which aspect of your life, and you can call upon the appropriate deity for help even if that deity is not your patron. At the start of each day, pick one of the following skills: Appraise, Bluff, Craft (pick one craft skill), Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Knowledge (local). You gain a +2 trait bonus on that skill until the start of the next day.