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Gods of Meda

(Gods of Labdia; Elemental Gods)

The lost civilization of Labdia was home to a race of giants before the modern giant races diverged away from that original stock. The ruins of this fallen empire can be found in Thovalas (where most were destroyed in the mistaken belief that they were built by Titans), the Sword Islands (where humans have studied and preserved them), and parts of the far north and far south.
    The giant races still worship versions of these gods, but almost none still honor the entire pantheon. The Labdian gods are all neutral in alignment, but each has a more sinister aspect preferred by races who have drifted to evil alignments. (Some include the storm god Zaltan among the Labdian gods, but he is more properly an Elder Titan.)
    The humans of the Sword Islands view these gods as neutral, and for centuries they were unaware that their new gods were the same as those of the giants' ancestors. They call them the Gods of Meda, for the ancient sacred site where humans first learned of them. Meda has since become the political and religious center of that principality.
    Giants and humans are not the only races who worship gods from this pantheon. The janni worship them under their elemental names, some gnomes revere the earth god Genesib, and many aquatic races worship Talusoka or Kinevir.
    In the profiles below, the god's Medan/Labdian name is in upper case, followed by the god's name in the corresponding elemental tongue. Evil aspects have been given only one name, as humans rarely if ever follow them. Each Medan god dwells in the plane/planet corresponding to his or her element: Cumos (Air), Gelos (Earth), Pyros (Fire), and Thassos (Water).

Favored Weapon
air, sky, birds, weather
Air, Animal, Sun, Travel, Weather
evil air creatures, cold creatures
Air, Travel, War, Water*
GENESIB (Nyonaposh)
earth, gems, metal, caves, mines
Artifice, Earth, Healing, Protection, War
evil earth creatures, cave-ins
Destruction, Earth, Strength, War
LUTORAN (Shapeto)
fire, forges, volcanoes, magic
Fire, Destruction, Magic, Strength, War
evil fire creatures
Fire, Destruction, Trickery, War
TALUSOKA (Lapekai)
water, seas, sea animals, sailors
Animal, Destruction, Protection, War, Water
evil aquatic creatures
Animal, Destruction, War, Water
GODS OF MEDA (Gods of Labdia)
the four elements
Air, Earth, Fire, Water
heavy mace

*Most clerics of Hayasan choose the Ice subdomain instead of the unaltered Water domain.

CHAZITAL (Neutral)
Sakutima (Auran), God of Air, The Cosmic Bird, The Sky-Lord

The air god is usually depicted as a gigantic bird, or occasionally as a storm cloud or whirlwind.

Portfolio: air, sky, birds, weather
Domains: Air, Animal, Sun, Travel, Weather
Subdomains: Cloud, Feather, Light, Seasons, Storm, Wind
Worshipers: falconers, farmers, fighters, merchants; humans, sylphs, good cloud giants, djinn, intelligent flying creatures
Symbols: An eagle or roc; a lightning bolt; a storm cloud or whirlwind
Favored Weapon: javelin

HAYASAN (Neutral Evil)

Hayasan often looks like his neutral aspect, but may also appear as a harpy or other hideous flying monster.

Portfolio: evil air creatures, cold creatures
Domains: Air, Travel, War, Water*
Subdomains: Blood, Cloud, Exploration, Ice, Wind
Worshipers: evil cloud giants, frost giants, harpies, evil flying creatures
Symbols: Lightning bolt; whirlwind, harpy (often carrying lightning in its talons)
Favored Weapon: morningstar
*Most clerics of Hayasan choose the Ice subdomain instead of the unaltered Water domain.

GENESIB (Neutral)
Nyonaposh (Terran), God of Earth, The Deep King, Lord of Mines, The Stone-Lord

The earth god appears as a hulking stone humanoid with gems for eyes. Among humans and stone giants, his idols more closely resemble the sculptor's race.

Portfolio: earth, gems, metal, caves, mines
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Healing, Protection, War
Subdomains: Caves, Construct, Defense, Metal, Tactics, Toil
Worshipers: cave-dwellers, metalworkers, miners; humans, gnomes, stone giants, svirfneblin, oreads, shaitans
Symbols: A mountain; a pickaxe; a stone idol with gemstone eyes
Favored Weapon: warhammer

KEZMAK (Chaotic Evil)
Kezmak is easily distinguished from his neutral aspect by his additional limbs, eyes, and occasionally heads.

Portfolio: evil earth creatures, cave-ins
Domains: Destruction, Earth, Strength, War
Subdomains: Blood, Caves, Ferocity, Metal, Rage
Worshipers: hill giants, ogres, trolls, cyclopes, gargoyles, evil underground creatures
Symbols: Stone image of the god; falling rocks
Favored Weapon: greatclub

LUTORAN (Neutral)
Shapeto (Ignan), Goddess of Fire, Lady of Flames, The Dancer in the Fire, Mother of Volcanoes

The fire goddess appears as either a nude woman wreathed in flames, or as a black woman (or giantess) with flames for hair.

Portfolio: fire, forges, volcanoes, magic
Domains: Destruction, Fire, Magic, Strength, War
Subdomains: Arcane, Arson[1], Ash, Divine, Ferocity, Smoke
Worshipers: smiths, sorcerers, wizards, those living near volcanoes; humans, azer, ifrits, other fire creatures
Symbols: A woman engulfed in flame; a volcano; a flaming rock
Favored Weapon: scimitar
[1] New subdomain. See the d20 Pathfinder SRD.

HELADON (Lawful Evil)
Heladon always appears as either a female fire giant or efreeti.

Portfolio: evil fire creatures
Domains: Destruction, Fire, Trickery, War
Subdomains: Arson[1], Ash, Smoke, Tactics, Thievery
Worshipers: efreet, fire giants, ifrits, some hobgoblins, evil fire creatures
Symbols: Volcano; flaming rock; flaming greatsword; an efreeti's face
Favored Weapon: greatsword
[1] New subdomain. See the d20 Pathfinder SRD.

TALUSOKA (Neutral)
Lapekai (Aquan), Goddess of Water, Mother Ocean, The Leviathan

The water goddess appears as a beautiful mermaid when she is in a benevolent mood. When angry, she appears as a dragon turtle, kraken, or immense shark.

Portfolio: water, seas, sea animals, sailors
Domains: Animal, Destruction, Protection, War, Water
Subdomains: Catastrophe, Defense, Flotsam, Fur, Oceans, Purity
Worshipers: druids, rangers, sailors; humans, undines, locathah, merfolk, marids, other aquatic races
Symbols: A dolphin; a turtle or dragon turtle; a wave; a trident
Favored Weapon: trident

KILENVIR (Neutral Evil)
Talusoka's evil aspect usually appears as a kraken or an immense shark. (The latter is especially common among the sahuagin.) Among underdark races, Kilenvir is depicted as a gigantic, tentacled frog.

Portfolio: evil aquatic creatures
Domains: Animal, Destruction, War, Water
Subdomains: Blood, Ice, Oceans, Rage, Torture[1]
Worshipers: pirates; sahuagin, skum, other evil aquatic creatures
Symbols: Kraken; shark; trident
Favored Weapon: trident
[1] New subdomain. See the d20 Pathfinder SRD.

GODS OF MEDA (Gods of Labdia) (Neutral)

Humans who have adopted the four elemental gods often worship them as a group. This group never includes the gods' evil aspects. No giant race still follows all four gods, but the jann do. Note that serving the pantheon as a whole is the only way for a Medan cleric to choose more than one elemental domain. (Among Labdian clerics, Hayasan's may choose Air and Water/Ice.)

Portfolio: the four elements
Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Subdomains: Ash, Cloud, Oceans, Metal, Smoke, Wind
Worshipers: commoners, druids, fighters, sorcerers, wizards; humans, jann, suli
Symbols: A square with the symbols of the four elements at the corners (lightning bolt, gem, flame, and wave)
Favored Weapon: heavy mace

Medan Temples

Inspired by the lofty, majestic ruins left by the giants of Labdia, the people of the Sword Islands build tall, spacious temples to their gods. Temples vary greatly in layout depending on which god is worshiped there. However, temples honoring all four elemental gods tend to be cruciform, with a central transept linking four arms, one for each deity. Alternately, they are circular, with the four gods' images evenly spaced around the perimeter.

Gods of Meda Religion Traits
    Worshipers of the elemental gods may choose religions traits from the following list. See the Advanced Player's Guide or Ultimate Campaign for the trait rules.

    Affinity of the Elements (any): The DC of saving throws to resist spells cast by you that have either the air, earth, fire, or water descriptor, is increased by +1. The type of element depends on which elemental lord you worship. Which bonus you receive is chosen when you take the trait and may not be changed.
    Elemental Resilience (any): Choose one of the following energy types: acid, cold, electricity, or fire. You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells with that descriptor. Once the energy type is chosen, it cannot be changed.
    Flame of the Mountain (Lutoran): Whenever you score a critical hit with a scimitar, you deal an additional two points of fire damage to your target. If you ever abandon the worship of Lutoran, you immediately lose access to this trait’s benefits.
    Opener of Doors (Genesib): You gain a +2 trait bonus on Perception checks made to find and open secret doors.
    Starchild (Chazital): You can automatically determine where true north is. You gain a +4 trait bonus on Survival checks to avoid becoming lost.
    Strong Swimmer (Talusoka): You gain a +2 trait bonus on all Swim checks, and can hold your breath for an extra 2 rounds when underwater.