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Full Name: Province of Fendorlis
    (Formerly: The Fey Kingdom of Fendorlis)
Ruler: His Eldritch Mightiness, Thraximandrykar, Viceroy of Fendorlis [LE male half-dragon kobold] 
    (Formerly: Her Majesty, Mizaeriel, Queen of Fendorlis [CG female high elf; deceased])
Government: Magiocracy (Formerly: Monarchy)
Cities: Amaranth Palace (ruins)
Population: 37% kobolds, 20% elves, 18% humans, 10% half-elves, 7% orcs and half-orcs, 5% gnomes, 3% other races
Law: LE (Formerly: CG)

The Forest of Fendorlis is the ancestral homeland of the high elves and is also inhabited by numerous fey. In the last few decades, however, the kingdom's glory has been shattered, first by an attack by the Tarrasque, then by conquest at the hands of the kobolds of the Zolothi Compact. The last high elf king, Mellaranthiel, was devoured by the Tarrasque 27 years ago while trying to defend the Amaranth Palace. His young daughter Mizaeriel escaped to succeed him and continue the war against the invaders. Sadly, she was personally slain by the dragon queen Zoloth when Fendorlis finally fell to the Compact 14 years ago.
    Many of the surviving high elves fled the realm, scattering in a great diaspora across Iath and Hemut. Others remained behind to fight a guerilla war of resistance. These rebels have sworn the Oath of the Bloody Tree, dedicating themselves to exterminating their kobold oppressors and liberating Fendorlis.
    Giants and gnomes live in the forests and hills surrounding the circular lake known as the Dragon's Eye. This region has been at war with the kobolds for longer then the elves' kingdom has been, but the interior has not yet been conquered. Another volatile holdout is Changir, in the southeastern part of Fendorlis. These dark woods are infested with orcs and rumored to be haunted by drow.
    The kobolds began to employ airships in battle around the time of the ruin of Amaranth. Their growing aerial navy played a critical role in the final conquest, which was led by the general Thraximandrykar. This now-infamous half-dragon was made viceroy of the new province as a reward for his success.

The kobolds worship Dragon Gods, usually Vadnizala, the Prismatic Dragon. Most elves, gnomes, and fey follow druidism or the Faerie Sovereigns, or both. 

Kobold sorcerers are almost always draconic-blooded (any chromatic type). High elf sorcerers usually have the fey or arcane bloodlines; a rare few are verdant (Advanced Player's Guide). Elven fighters are commonly archers or mobile fighters; rangers are frequently guides or skirmishers.

Weapons and Armor
All elves train with the rapier, longsword, and bows, and prize those weapons above all others. However, spears, handaxes, and battleaxes are not uncommon. Most elves value stealth and mobility, so prefer light armor unless they can afford mithral. Archers commonly wear bucklers in case of close combat; larger shields are only used by those who prefer melee over ranged attacks.
    Kobolds of the Zolothi Compact have progressed beyond the simple spears and slings of their primitive past. Due to their small size and low strength, kobolds prefer weapons with good threat ranges such as rapiers, kukris, and crossbows. They wear light armor at best, except for the exalted few who have earned the right to wear dragonhide armor into battle.