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Kobaran Frontier

"Lands of the Sun" is set in the desert frontier region of the Emirate of Kobara, in the Sultanate of Asasor

The following locations can be found on the Kobaran Frontier map above.

Small city, population 9,800 (4,500 humans; 2,900 halflings; 500 elves; 500 half-elves; 1,400 others).
    Emir Menetallah Ugan [female human] rules from this capital city, situated on the shores of Lake Makuta on the Ubaida River. Almazur has grown prosperous as a major cross-roads of river and overland traffic, the home of the largest Javanian temple north of Kadasirin, and a renowned center of secular, religious, and arcane scholarship.

Burburan Oasis
Small town, population 1,100 (600 humans; 350 halflings; 100 half-orcs; 50 others).
    This oasis is controlled by a coalition of human and halfling tribes who make their living supplying water and guides to travelers in the Lokoran Desert.

Fort Malakir
This stronghold defends the northern approach to Zahallan, and is the base of operations of the local liege lord, or Mirza. The keep and its garrison are considered to be part of the settlement of Zahallan (see below).

Haghighi Hills
Apart from the valley of the Zahal River, these hills are fairly arid, more suitable for grazing herds than growing crops. Hobgoblins dwell in the western reaches of the range, but occasionally lead raids into civilized lands and the Lokoran Desert alike.

The Horns
Two tall spires of rock mark one of five known locations where the Tarrasque appeared in the Lokoran Desert in past centuries. Because this landmark evokes the monster's own massive horned head, it has become the most important orc holy site in the entire region.

Lake Makuta
Almazur maintains a small military fleet on this large lake in order to police water traffic here and on the Ubaida and Zahal Rivers. However, Makutan warships remain a rare sight in Zahallan.

The Shalash Escarpment
This series of cliffs marks the division between the interior plateau of the Lokoran and the southern lowlands. Shalash is riddled with caves, providing excellent hiding places for both humanoids and monsters. In fact, the western half of the Escarpment is firmly under the control of various orc tribes, with the strongest tribe controlling the section nearest the Horns.

Spine Hollow
This small monastic community (population unknown) was established by nature worshipers. It is named for the prolific cacti and related succulents that surround the settlement.

The Stairs
The terraces of this part of the Shalash Escarpment form a natural, if convoluted, pathway up and down the massive cliffs. The tribes of the Burburan Oasis patrol this region regularly, but travelers would be wise to bring seasoned caravan guards to protect their ascent or descent.

Tibul is an ancient city that now lies in ruins, swallowed by the desert except for when the occasional sandstorm briefly uncovers colossal stone structures. Kobaran scholars believe that this site was originally a distant outpost of the giant civilization of Labdia that thrived on the northern continent centuries before the coming of humans to Iath. Most humanoids of the Lokoran Desert avoid it as a cursed, haunted place, and numerous treasure-seekers have perished trying to plumb its secrets.

Zahal River
The Zahal River forms the traditional boundary between the Sultanate of Asasor and the Lokoran Desert, but since the establishment of the Emirate of Kobara, the sultan's claims now extend a couple days' ride north of the river. (Naturally these claims are contested by the orcs and other independent species dwelling in the wastes.)

Large town, population 3,100 (1,600 humans; 1,000 halflings; 250 half-orcs; 250 others). (See attached map.)
    The Mirza (liege lord) of Zahallan, Farul Atabash [male human], spends most of his time at Fort Malakir, leaving the administration of the city proper to its mayor, Samarjah Bey [male halfling]. Other notable residents include the town constable, Sheik Nerida Taroon [female human]; the religious leaders Ilbis Tizagadeh, Imam of Talitar [male human], and Jenana Nasrud, Mullah of Yaziel [female halfling]; and Gathmir the Fat [male halfling], proprietor of The Blind Camel, the largest local caravanserai.

Tim Emrick,
Oct 16, 2016, 2:11 PM
Tim Emrick,
Oct 16, 2016, 2:11 PM