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Full Name: Sultanate of Asasor
Rulers: His Radiance, Messerach II, Sultan of Asanor, First Speaker of Talitar [NG male halfling]
Government: Theocracy
Cities: Kadasirin (capital), Almazur, Harkoon, Meshara
Population: 52% humans, 37% halflings, 5% half-elves, 3% elves, 1% half-orcs, 2% other races
Law: NG

When humans arrived out of the west, they were allowed to settle among the halflings of Huzayn and Maysoon, as well as the lands between those two emirates. Eventually the two races agreed to form a single nation, Asasor, ruled by the high priest of the sun god Talitar. Most humans and halflings native to the sultanate are bilingual, speaking Common and Halfling with equal ease. Both are considered official state languages, with all laws and other proclamations rendered in both tongues.
    The Emirate of Huzayn, located on the island known as the Wyrmling, originally consisted of the settlement of Harkoon and the plains to the south. By the time of the humans' arrival, the emirate had expanded to cover the entire island.
    The Emirate of Maysoon and its capital Kadasirin were founded on the mainland, along the Leilani River. By the time that humans settled here, the emirate had spread north and south along the coast, and inland through most of the Ezaran Hills. The Maysooni have domesticated the elephants of the warm coastal plains, but do not make as heavy use of them in war as Khaldoon does.
    About a century ago, out of growing concern about the power of the Empire of Rizagarn, Sultana Sabira claimed the southern edge of the Lokoran Desert as a buffer against the savage humanoids of that wasteland. She named one of her best generals, Safik Ugan, as ruler of the new Emirate of Kobara, and awarded dry plains formerly held by Maysoon to support the defense of the frontier. Many halflings and humans who live on this harsh region have turned to a horse nomad lifestyle.

 Emirate Ruler Capital Other Cities
 Huzayn Jidara [male halfling]  Harkoon 
 Maysoon Zaki Masula [male halfling] Kadasirin Meshara
 Kobara Menetallah Ugan [female human] Almazur 

Noble titles, in ascending order, include: Sheik (knight), Bey (baronet, or mayor of a sizable town), Mirza (baron), Emir (count/duke, ruler of an emirate), Pasha (prince, spouse or heir to the Sultan), and Sultan (priest-king).

Both halflings and humans worship the Javanian Pantheon. Clerics of both races are expected to be fluent in Halfling because their sacred texts were composed in that language. Temple services may be conducted in either language, or both, depending on the community.

Among the desert nomads, the mounted fury (barbarian), order of the paw (halfling cavalier; Advanced Race Guide), roughrider (fighter), and horse lord (ranger) are common. Some tribes may follow druidism rather then the Javanian Pantheon; their priests use the desert druid archetype (or occasionally lion shaman). 
    The most common sorcerer bloodlines are celestial, draconic (brass, copper, gold), and elemental. Monks almost exclusively belong to the monk of the healing hand, underfoot adept (halfling; Advanced Race Guide), or wanderer (human; Advanced Race Guide) archetypes.

Weapons and Armor
Due to the hot climate, light armor is common, medium armor (usually chainmail and scalemail) is rare, and heavy armor is very rarely used. Bucklers and light shields are preferred, with heavy shields reserved mostly for close infantry or armored cavalry.
    Common weapons include maces, spears (any), javelins, slings, handaxes, shortbows (including composite), and swords (usually shortswords or scimitars, but longswords, rapiers, and falchions are also used). Both orcs and nobles' guards favor greataxes.
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