"Time of the Tarrasque" is a Pathfinder Role-Playing Game campaign setting created by Tim Emrick, and includes the following campaigns:

Lands of the Sun (Pathfinder, 2017-present)
The region known as the Dragon's Wing is dominated by the coastal Sultanate of Asasor and the Lokoran Desert of the interior. Asasor is a subtropical nation of dark-skinned humans and halflings, ruled by the priests of the sun and moon gods. The sultan claims the borders of the Lokoran, and this frontier serves as a buffer between his realm and the sun-adapted orcs of that desert.

The Dragonspire Mountains, beyond the Lokoran, were once home to the evil hobgoblin empire of Rizagarn, but that nation's power was broken by the alliance of northern nations who founded the Shield. The hobgoblins' territory once extended as far as Asasor's borders, and the surviving eastern tribes remain a thorn in the sultanate's side. Fortunately, the hobgoblins and orcs hate each other as much as they do humans and halflings, which keeps their numbers from growing too great. But one of Asasor's greatest fears is that a charismatic warlord will arise among one of those races and undo the precarious balance along the frontier. 

The priests of Asasor are also vigilant against the cult of Asmolon, the evil god of darkness and undead. This cult was responsible for the destruction of the halflings' ancestral homeland across the southern sea, and the sun god's champions try to prevent another such catastrophe by finding and destroying any evil they can uncover. They are also wary of the Cult of the Tarrasque, which has numerous adherents among the orcs, who zealously guard sacred sites in the desert where the beast has appeared in the past.

"Lands of the Sun" will initially focus on the hills and deserts of the frontier, with the heroes dealing with threats from orcs, hobgoblins, and death cults. Most adventurers here are humans, halflings, or half-orcs, but the other core races do visit and live within the sultanate in small numbers.

Champions of Floris (Pathfinder, 2015; plus D&D 5E notes)
The Commonwealth of Floris is a democratic human nation that has found a workable balance between its two mother countries, the Empire of Thovalas, a militant matriarchy to its north, and the Principality of the Sword Islands, a country of elemental-worshiping seafarers to the south. It also shares a border with the hill dwarf kingdom of Dabreth, and has regular contact with the wood elves of Allasimar which lies beyond it.

Floris suffers frequent incursions from savage humanoids found near its borders. The first group of these are the goblin tribes that Thovalas has long sought to eradicate from its own lands. Fleeing the superior imperial armies, many goblins have entered Floris, Dabreth, and Allasimar, where they continue to cause as much mischief and destruction as possible. The southern border is threatened by gnolls from the Plain of Sorrows, which was once Adihanna, a duchy of the Sword Islands before those humanoids overran it a generation ago. The hyena-men are also notorious pirates, harrying ships throughout the southern Bronze Sea. Fortunately, neither race is very organized in its attacks against Floris...for now.

"Champions of Floris" will begin as a fairly traditional campaign, with most of the core races available in sizable numbers. Much of the initial focus will be on fighting common, low-powered humanoids whose threat level can easily scale with the heroes' advancement.
Tim Emrick,
Nov 1, 2014, 12:37 PM