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TM4T Lifestyle 2.0 - Perspective

You may have read the previous web-page about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Here. in doing, so, we may have painted a rather bleak picture of the stress-haunted hell that is a teacher's life. For most of us, of course, this is nonsense. Teaching is a wonderful job, and it can offer you a wonderful life.

However, most people find that their lives are enriched if they have some direction and plan regarding how they spend their time on the planet.

Planning, of course, does not just mean making plans. It means looking ahead, into the future, and forecasting what will need to be done. If you do this well, you can take routine events in your stride and cope with unexpected challenges as well as changes to the routine. In order to do this, you must seek to anticipate what is likely to disrupt the everyday flow of events, and prepare your actions accordingly. When you have done this – ie decided what needs to be done – you should then decide how you are going to do it, and write that down: this written-down-how-to-do-it represents your plan. However, without the first step – looking ahead and anticipating what needs to be done – your plan will not be worth much. This logic applies to lessons, but it applies equally well to life. You may have encountered a similar philosophy in a different context, under the heading of 'reflective practice'.

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