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Don't read too many health and well-being magazine supplements, but do try to keep broadly up to date with what things are physically bad for you. Here's a rough list:

a) Dysfunctional sleep patterns - especially too little sleep on a regular basis ('at weekends' counts as 'regular'). More here.
b) Excessive consumption of alcohol, or similar stimulants
c) Poor diet, including binge eating and over-reliance on comfort foods
d) Regular smoking
e) Excessive focus on body image or personal appearance
f) Lack of hydration
g) Lack of exercise
h) Lack of social contact
i) Lack of calm, tranquility and reflection
j) Lack of sunshine
k) Any other compulsive, obsessive, addictive behaviour.
k) Anything else that makes you feel genuinely guilty or sad on a regular basis

Yes, that just about covers it. Some of it, of course, may be cobblers, and another threat may emerge in next Sunday's tabloid 'Broccoli kills, say Docs!!!'. Just use your common sense and stay healthy enough to cope.

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