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TM4T Techniques 3.1 Self Awareness Techniques - Part 1

All human beings have complex multi-faceted personalities, and teachers are certainly no exception. In order to be effective, you need to understand your own strengths, weaknesses and preferences clearly. Take the time to consider each of these aspects. On this page, the 'technique' involves taking steps to understand your own personal characteristics (not the theory of each personal aspect) and factoring it into your work pattern.

Conscience and Guilt can be frequent bedfellows for an overworked teacher. Read more here.

Understanding Chronotypes is critical in ensuring we do our work at the right time. Read more here

If you haven't already read the importance of Chunking, click here.  In order to put this into practice, it is important you know your own Attention Span. Read more here.

Different people face different challenges when it comes to time management. For some, 'distraction' is the biggest issue; others have an entirely different - in fact opposite - problem: 'obsession'.  Read more about Personality Types here

We have covered a lot of ground on this page, and it's worth reviewing what it means before we press on. Everything we have discussed has involved preferences reflecting our strengths and weaknesses. The are very unlikely to limit or determine our course of action: for a teacher, having a short attention span does not prevent you from listening to a two-hour lecture (though it might prevent you from enjoying it). 

The next section does not involve inherent qualities (preferences, strengths, weaknesses); it involves decisions and it involves choice. Continue here