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TM4T Background 1 - Right Things = Task Analysis

Time Management for Teachers involves getting the right things done by the right person in the right place at the right time

This set of pages starts to look at what 'the right' things are. It's broken down into two sections.

Section 1 is really important - introducing important principles, which explain how TM4T works. Click here to read.

Section 2 is really an optional chapter for teachers who want to understand more about time-management principles. It is optional insofar as you could just follow the practical guidance in later chapters, taking my word that there are sound reasons for doing so. Most teachers, though, want to know 'why', and this page explains in simple terms some of the principles under-pinning the design of clerical and adminstrative processes.  To read, click here.


Before looking at when and where to do a particular task, we need to be clear whether the task itself is really necessary, or whether we could achieve our goals in a more effective - possibly completely different - way. For example, we obviously need to assess our students' progress, but do we really need to lug those carrier bags of exercise books round?