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TM4T Background 4 - Right Time = Planning

If you are still training to teach, you start with an inbuilt advantage: no bad habits to unlearn; no misconceptions to unthink. If you are an experienced teacher, you should probably start by forgetting everything you know about planning and starting from first principles:

So... first question: 'what is planning?'. 

To plan something simply means to decide or arrange it in advance. In TM4T 'planning' means deciding what we are going to do before we do it and writing it down.

As a rule, we will try to plan things as far in advance as we can; and tailor our planning so that we don't try to plan anything if we don't have adequate information to do so.

This means that we will do a lot of outline planning early in the school year, with more detailed planning later on.

For more details, and important definitions of what planning means in TM4T, click here.