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TM4T Background 2 - Right Person = Self Awareness

Time Management for Teachers involves getting the right things done by the right person in the right place at the right time

If you are a classroom teacher, the 'right person' is invariably you. Opportunities to delegate are rare. However, 'you' are a human being and you have many different moods and facets. We want to ensure that every piece of work is done by the best possible 'you'.

In dealing with self awareness, we are dealing with some of the most powerful tools in Time-Management. Each of us is capable of great productivity and wonderful creativity, but frequently we do not live up to our potential. In this chapter we look at ways in which we can maximise that potential – specifically in relation to our non-contact teaching time.

We will be dealing with a number of different themes. On the next page we will be considering the principles and ideas; on later pages we will be looking at practical techniques and tips to make you more effective and more efficient.

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