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TM4T Background 0.2 - What is TM4T?

In its simplest form, Time Management for Teachers involves getting the right things done by the right person in the right place at the right time. Simple enough, but these simple intentions underpin a heavy jargon-laden library of management theory: ergonomics, operations research, systems analysis, service science and others. What this website will do is filter through these rich ingredients and present a pre-selected menu of techniques which are directly relevant to classroom teachers in UK secondary schools.

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Time Management for Teachers therefore involves these key aspects:

1. Getting the right things done: this involves task analysis to ensure that you are working efficiently

2. Getting things done by the right person: this involves delegation where possible and self-awareness to make sure you are wearing the right hat for each task you tackle

3. Getting things done in the right place: this involves location awareness to ensure you are working in a well-equipped and supportive environment

4. Getting things done at the right time: this involves planning to ensure that you schedule task sensibly.

Easy-peasy, huh? And to make it more exciting there are also some general time-management principles you need to understand. Now, there are links embedded in the four steps above, if there is any aspect you really want to look at right now, but time-manaement will make a lot more sense if you tackle it in a logical order. Let's start with the four key principles which underpin our approach.


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