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Shock News 

OK, sit down and make yourself comfortable. Try to relax. This website may come as a bit of a shock to you. This site is not - I repeat not - about children and their learning. This, of course, makes it is different to pretty much every other teacher's website, training course, or textbook you have ever used.

Over 400 web-pages, and we will barely touch on your little darlings, their learning styles, their educational needs or their behaviour.

This website is all about you, the teacher. In particular, it deals with your teaching life outside the classroom, away from your students, dealing with the always boring, sometimes stressful realities of bureaucracy, administration, planning and paperwork.

There are some things here that may tax your teacherly brain. This is not because the techniques are difficult - quite the opposite. It is because teachers so frequently engage with concepts, with ideas, employing higher-level thinking to embrace the abstract, that they find it difficult to simultaneously think about the mundane mechanics of what they actually do. This website is all about the physical reality of what you do and how you spend your time.

Of course, it is also about ensuring that you have the time to teach your students well; that you can prepare and assess their learning efficiently, that you do not burn yourself out in the process, and that you will be there to teach them next year.