TM4T - Time Management Basics 3: The 80/20 Rule

Of course, you've heard this many times, but now you need to actually use it to your benefit:

Twenty percent of your time produces eighty percent of your work. Twenty percent of your work achieves eighty percent of your results.

When you know what you really want to achieve in life, then 80% of it will result from 20% of your time. Therefore, when you know what you want to achieve, you then can choose which 20% - the productive 20% - to prioritise. Yes, I know that is an over-simplification, but clarity is important.

You need to know your destination to understand which steps represent your journey, and which just represent ritual shuffling. Then you need to focus, and use your best time - your magic 20% - to pursue the goals which really matter.   In doing this, of course, you need to constantly bear in mind the principle of opportunity cost: every choice involves a sacrifice...

Opportunity cost underpins all TM4T. More here.