TM4T - The Stabling Quiz

Your personal assessment starts here. Here on the first page, not on the second page, where your self-evaluation exercise starts. On this first page, we are going to talk about displacement.

'Displacement' activities are things that we do instead of what we should be doing. We scratch our heads when we can't choose between two actions; we chew our pens when we can't figure out a test answer; and maybe we teachers browse the Web when our lesson planning isn't going so well ...

Now... the problem with self-evaluation exercises is that many teachers kind-of-enjoy them. They are legitimately helpful of course, so we feel virtuous when we're doing them, but remember that they rarely contribute directly to your students' learning or to your immediate objectives in life. They can easily become displacement activities.

You should therefore time-box how long you spend on this stuff, unless you have a specific reason for doing so... or unless you want to do some investigation in your leisure time, just for fun.

The STABLING exercise should take you no longer than 10 minutes (depending on your reading speed – it's about 2000 words). Do not agonise over the choices; just read the options and choose instinctively which answer/s seem best.

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