TM4T Stress Armoury - Stress Management for Teachers

This is the TM4T Stress Armoury.

Before delving into the techniques themselves, please make sure that you understand the metaphor involved.  We call this an 'armoury', not the 'toolkit' beloved by some training providers.   This nuance is important.  Toolkits are great in some situations: when something needs fixed, you just open up yer toolbox, rummage around, and hope that you come up with something to fix the problem. Hunky-dory - but you don't necessarily know which tools are lurking in your box, you don't always know exactly which tools you need (until something goes wrong), and you don't always have time to dip-in and choose tools when things get tough. Armouries are different: you don't wait till you need protection, and then pop back to the armoury - you sort things out beforehand, arm yourself accordingly, and your defence is deployed in advance.

The notion of the Stress Armoury is that it represents a basic set of techniques and foreknowledge. This is stuff you learn to use before you wade into the stress machine. Of course, you can use it as a toolkit if you have no choice. If you are nearing burnout and someone has suggested mindful meditation, then dive right in.  That is not, though, the best way to do things.  You should know how to practice mindful meditation before you hit the chalkface, before you get near to the statistical likelihood of stress.

So: you should really read all these 50 techniques before you complete your teacher-training.  In an ideal world, and all that.  There is a serious reason for this. You may have encountered - if only via a TV screen - one of those annoying martial arts experts who tell us that they used to be a hell-raiser before they took up Judo (or Karate, Aikido, etc) and how now they're a bundle of tranquility; you may even have heard someone muse that bullies don't pick on him much now that he's got his black belt...   Well, that's kind of how stress works.  If you are pre-armed and prepared for stress, then you are much less likely to be affected by it.

This page is still under development, but almost all the techniques are described.  Here is the List....

TM4T Stress Armoury 01 - I've Got a Little List
    The core TM4T stress management technique - developing your own list of things that work for you - BEFORE you need them. With ten examples.

TM4T Stress Armoury 02 - Avoiding Self-Sabotage
    Being able to look at yourself and realise where you might be your own worst enemy: five core techniques

TM4T Stress Armoury 03 - Coping with Change
    The Transactional Model: knowing that you can deal with change and understand the issues involved.

TM4T Stress Armoury 04 - Unpicking Moods and Thoughts
    Calming down and thinking things through - in a structured way: nine steps.

TM4T Stress Armoury 05 - Practising Mindfulness
    A brief (8-page) practical introduction to a well-established technique.

TM4T Stress Armoury 06 - Developing Self-Esteem
    More weapons to fight self-sabotage; including online self-tests.

TM4T Stress Armoury 07 - Life Planning
    Balancing your immediate and future needs.

TM4T Stress Armoury 08 - Positive Thinking
    Basic, powerful ideas which really seem to work.

TM4T Stress Armoury 09 - Managing Anger
    Yet more weapons against self-sabotage: ten tips to tackle anger.

TM4T Stress Armoury 10 - Understanding Fight or Flight
    Recognising how your body responds to pressure and stress

TM4T Stress Armoury 11 - Understanding Types of Stress
    Understand the four key types of stress, and how to handle them.

TM4T Stress Armoury 12 - Avoiding Burnout
    The key risk for all overworked teachers: the dreaded 12 Steps.  All NQTs: read this page

TM4T Stress Armoury 13 - Avoiding people-pleasing
    Nine steps to saying 'No'.

TM4T Stress Armoury 14 - SWOT analyses
    Use logic to assess the pros and cons of a situation or change

TM4T Stress Armoury 15 - Considering relative deprivation
    Seven steps to happiness (yes, really)

TM4T Stress Armoury 16 - Understanding the demand-control model
    Understand the importance of 'control' and what you can do about it: five key strategies

TM4T Stress Armoury 17 - Measuring life stress
    Measure the stress in your life, and plan accordingly...

TM4T Stress Armoury 18 - Managing personal needs
    Understand your personal needs and the importance of boundaries.

TM4T Stress Armoury 19 - Analysing your job
     Avoid stress in being assessed

TM4T Stress Armoury 20 - Tracking anxiety
    Understanding anxiety and seven steps to tackle ti

TM4T Stress Armoury 21 - Using guided imagery
    Visualising positive outcomes to improve confidence

TM4T Stress Armoury 22 - Learning patience
    Eight steps to reduce the stress of impatience

TM4T Stress Armoury 23 - Snatching exercise
    12 key tips on how to get the benefits of the best-proven antidote to stress

TM4T Stress Armoury 24 - Becoming sleep-expert
    Includes online tools to measure your sleep issues and 11 tips to become a sleep-guru
TM4T Stress Armoury 25 - Centring
    Learning to relax your mind at stressful times

TM4T Stress Armoury 26 - Taking Responsibility
    Become part of the solution. A lot of teachers - when asked to list the source of their stress - name other teachers.

TM4T Stress Armoury 27 - Location, location, location
    Eight tips for a stress-free environment

TM4T Stress Armoury 28 - Avoiding perfectionism
    Four steps to avoid maladaptive perfectionism

TM4T Stress Armoury 29 - Managing performance stress
    Step-by-step guide to avoiding and managing performance stress

TM4T Stress Armoury 30 - Deep Breathing and Muscle Relaxation
    Two must-know techniques for busy teachers.

TM4T Stress Armoury 31 - Tracking Thoughts
    This core technique is a pre-requisite of positive thinking: catching negativity before it becomes stressful is a really valuable trick...

TM4T Stress Armoury 32 - Using affirmations
    Another core technique, linked to positive thinking and lower stress levels.

TM4T Stress Armoury 33 - Coping with emotional labour
    5 key tips to help deal with the emotional side of being a teacher

TM4T Stress Armoury 34 - Practicing compassion
    A brief introduction to the practise of Tonglen; a Tibetan method for coping with stress

TM4T Stress Armoury 35 - Understanding difficult people
    Eleven key techniques for coping with those who cause you stress

TM4T Stress Armoury 36 - Dealing with difficult people
    A step-by-step guide for dealing with the four common types of not-easy-to-deal-withs

TM4T Stress Armoury 37 - Using friends
    A four-step guide to a teacher's least-used and often-most-valuable resource

TM4T Stress Armoury 38 - Cultivating Emotional Intelligence
    A brief summary of what EI principles are important in handling stress

TM4T Stress Armoury 39 - Confronting passive-aggressive behaviour
    Four steps to deal with this common staffrom stress generator

TM4T Stress Armoury 40 - Understanding staffroom conflict
    The Ten Commandments when dealing with conflict between colleagues.

TM4T Stress Armoury 41 - Recovering from burnout
    Coming back to work after stress-related issues requires specific techniques..

TM4T Stress Armoury 42 - Prioritising Sleep
    Sometimes we forget about the most important causes of stress...

TM4T Stress Armoury 43 - Keeping a stress log
    Always getting wound-up, but can't figure out why? A stress log may be the answer

TM4T Stress Armoury 44 - Using metaphors

    If your thinking suddenly stops, when things get tough, you need a metaphor...

TM4T Stress Armoury 44 - Benchmarking (under development)
    Sometimes the answer to our stress-problems lie far away from the profession of teaching...

TM4T Stress Armoury 45 - Finding tricks and wrinkles
    Six tips from the wackier side of stress management; but just because they're wacky, it doesn't mean they don't work...

TM4T Stress Armoury 46 - Avoiding binary decisions
    A simple-enough rule, but it could change your outlook on life...

TM4T Stress Armoury 47 - The Tick Tock Teacher
    Sort out the little stuff, and you'll have much more time to thing about the big ones...

TM4T Stress Armoury 48 - Becoming One with Nature.
    Sometimes just getting away from the pressures of modern life is what we need.

TM4T Stress Armoury 49 - Massage
    Sometimes, you have to take things into your own hands..

TM4T Stress Armoury 50 - Distraction
    A simple way to drag yourself away from dark, worrying thoughts

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